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Lucy Fawcett is our junior sponsored rider and she has kindly written a short blog of recent news.

Lucy’s blog:

Due to an extremely school orientated May, competing had to take a back seat. I had my AS exams to complete which were very important and therefore I did not get to go out to the competitions I would’ve liked to. However, at the end of the month was our trip to the Under 21’s UK camp; which I was very much looking forward to. Here we had the opportunity to catch up with good friends, have lessons with my trainer (Emma Corbett) and take part in mock competitions. It was great to have my first run through of the junior team test, and even better to have achieved a good score of 67%+.

Since this camp I have felt that Corrie and I have grown even more as a partnership! We just need to get in between those white boards now and gain more competition experience. Throughout the past year I have struggled particularly with self-belief, however with encouraging words and support from the people around me I am starting to feel much more confident in both of our ability.

Much of June was spent putting into practice the things I have learnt recently, with a mixture of some birthday celebrations of course! We were also lucky enough to get a slot in With Gareth Hughes, through Emma. It was a long journey but we gained some really encouraging words and learnt what to work on next.

We have definitely had to alter our routine here at Cropthorne due to the heatwave. I ride Corrie before school at half past six before school most days and then she will stay in the stable for the hottest parts of the day. She now enjoys staying out overnight to avoid the heat and the flies. On the 14th/15th of July we are going to the Welsh Dressage Championships and the David Broome centre to compete in the medium and advanced medium classes. I am so looking forward to be competing again and it will be great practice for our Annual outing to Sheepgate Under 25’s Championships in August.

We also had an amazing photo shoot courtesy of ‘All Things Rural Photography.’ The photos can be seen on my Instagram page @lucyfawcittdressage or our facebook page.


UPDATE….. Since writing this, she and Corrie have been to the Welsh Dressage Championships and came away with an awesome result – The Welsh Advanced Medium Dressage Champion!!  Wow! Huge congratulations to Lucy and Corrie! ……….We await Sheepgate!!

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