Lucy’s May Blog Exams and the summer ahead!

This month is a shorter write up due to the overwhelming commitment of my final A-level exams. Corrie recently had a knock in the stable which put a stop to her training temporarily. This was actually the most fortunate timing (if there is such a thing!) as it meant that during revision time she had to chill out in the field. This meant that I was not able to ignore revision for dressage! She has had her rest time and will be due to start training again in the next couple of weeks after my exams started. It was a massive shame because she had been working so confidently at PSG at home. However, horses are not machines and these things happen. This is our princess’ way of reminding us!

During the mean time I have been riding and training some project horses for people. This has been incredibly insightful and has definitely tested my riding ability. Hopefully it means I will be more knowledgeable in the future when producing my own horses!

I have now completed my A.S.S.E programme at Hartpury. I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring professionals in any discipline. It was a fantastic way to learn about all aspects of professional riding, especially the business /financial side. I also met some amazing friends from the experience. We have also put our beautiful empire lorry up for sale, which was a decision we made with a heavy heart. Purely for the fact that as I am beginning to compete / train far more individually now (Due to top groom A.K.A ‘’Mum’s” new busy schedule as a hunt master!) I need to be able to transport myself more easily. So, we decided to look into buying a 3.5 tonne lorry so that I can go competing without my lovely mother. I am so proud of her taking on the role of one of the Curre and LLangibby’s Masters and she is doing a fantastic job; if I do say so myself!

Needless to say, I am so excited for summer! Weeks of sun, hacking and schooling!

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